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Toasted Coconut Cream

Toasted Coconut Cream

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May Flavor of the Month

A coconut lover's dream come true! Packed to perfection with a medley of coconut delights—from ground toasted coconut to generous flakes and creamy coconut milk—this scone is a tropical paradise in every bite. But don't fret if coconut isn't your usual craving; with its rich, indulgent flavor and decadent coconut icing, this scone is sure to win over even the most hesitant taste buds. Dive into a world of coconut bliss and let every bite transport you to a sun-kissed island getaway.

Like all of our scones they are the perfect gift for someone special or a special treat for yourself! 

Only available in the month of May and can also be found in our monthly scone subscription box (like all of our May flavors of the month). 

3.5 oz/each

INGREDIENTS: Flour, Sugar, Butter, Heavy cream, Coconut flakes, Coconut milk, Powdered sugar, Baking powder, Vanilla bean paste, Sea salt.

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