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Blueberry Toasted Oat

Blueberry Toasted Oat

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May Flavor of the Month

You have never had a blueberry scone like this. Bursting with an abundance of freeze-dried blueberries, this scone boasts a vibrant hue of natural blue and purple, delivering an extra kick to the already flavorful berry. Complemented by toasted oats, which impart a delightful nuttiness and a satisfying crunch, every bite is a symphony of texture and taste. Topped with extra toasted oats, crunchy sugar, and a luscious blueberry glaze, each mouthful is a perfect harmony of sweetness and crunch, promising an unforgettable scone experience. 

Like all of our scones they are the perfect gift for someone special or a special treat for yourself! 

Only available in the month of May and can also be found in our monthly scone subscription box (like all of our May flavors of the month). 

3.5 oz/each

INGREDIENTS: Flour, Sugar, Butter, Heavy cream, Oats, Freeze dried blueberries, Powdered sugar, Blueberry syrup, Baking powder, Sea salt.

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